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In recent years, hundreds of businesses have benefitted from the office’s hands-on approach. We provide assistance with site selection, with securing funding, and with making important connections. Our staff will help you overcome the challenges facing your business and ensure your success in Ulster County.

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Each year, actors like Alec Baldwin, Paul Rudd, Parker Posey, and Steve Buscemi gather with other famous directors and producers at the Woodstock Film Festival, a celebration of independent film. The 2017 Woodstock Film Festival will take place on October 11-15, 2017.
From its humble origins, the Woodstock Film Festival has grown into a cultural tour de force, attracting big names from across the world. And once they experience Ulster County, many of them come back.more >>
Ulster County Executive Mike Hein does not believe that fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability are mutually-exclusive concepts. Instead, under his guidance, the  County is leading the way as the most environmentally-friendly county in New York State, and its commitment to clean energy has garnered national attention. In 2009, Ulster partnered with the nonprofit Green Infrastructure Center to develop comprehensive habitat mapping in order to preserve natural habitat while facilitating ecotour
Fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability are not mutually-exclusive concepts to Ulster County Executive Mike Hein.more >>
Farm to Fabulous: Putting the Value in Value-Added
With vast and fertile farmland, knowledgeable local...more >>

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